Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'Open Period' concurrent program taking so much time for completion

'Open Period' concurrent program not completing, running continuously

 Oracle Applications
This program should not take so much time for completion as this Oracle Standard program.
If you are launching this program from any newly created custom general ledger responsibility ,then there is chance that program will take so much time.
Best way to open general ledger period , try to launch this program Oracle canned/standard responsibility like 'General Ledger Super User' or any other Oracle provided general ledger responsibility.
You will not face this problem and concurrent program 'Open Period' will finish in limited time.
Earlier I was launching this program 'XXXX_GL_SUPERUSER' which we had created. It was runnning even after 6-8 hours.
This is the problem I have faced in my project and it got resolved when I have launched this program from 'General Ledger Super User'.

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