Friday, September 5, 2014

How to fix error EP01:This date is not in any open or future enterable period in Oracle GL

EP01:This date is not in any open or future enterable period.

Whenver you get an error while importing journals through gl_interface table.

Please perform below steps to find cause and fix-

First Check date in accounting_date column of gl_interface table for errored records
Use to_char( accounting_date,'dd-mon-yyyy hh24:mi:ss') to that column so that you can see complete format.

select to_char( accounting_date,'dd-mon-yyyy hh24:mi:ss') from gl.gl_interface where status='EP01';

Then find out period name to which this accounting date belongs.
You can find period name by veryfying in gl_periods table and by checking start_date and end_date columns.

Select * From Gl.Gl_Periods;

Pass period name nad set of books id to below query and run in database

Select closing_status
From Gl.Gl_Period_Statuses
Where  Set_Of_Books_Id=1  --enter your set of books id
And Application_Id In
(Select Application_Id
   From Apps.Fnd_Application_Tl
   Where Application_Name In ('General Ledger','Payables'))
and period_name='AUG-14'   --enter the period name to which accounting date of errored records belong;

Verify closing status.

Closing Status are-
C           Closed
F            Future – Entry
N           Never Opened
O           Open
P            Permanently Closed

It should be either O or F to import journal into Oracle GL.
If its C, then you have to open that period in Oracle GL and AP and import journal.

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  • Open GL Periods in Oracle general ledger to fix invalid period issue


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