Friday, August 22, 2014

SQL to Derive Concurrent Managers with running process details

SQL to Derive Concurrent Managers list with process details in Oracle Applications

By using below sql, you will be able to derive concurrent managers running in the system.

Also you will be able to collect how many processes are running under each concurrent manager and in which application.

SELECT fat.application_name,
 'FNDICM','Internal Manager',
 'FNDCRM','Conflict Resolution Manager',
 'AMSDMIN','Marketing Data Mining Manager',
 'C_AQCT_SVC','C AQCART Service',
 'FFTM','FastFormula Transaction Manager',
 'FNDCPOPP','Output Post Processor',
 'FNDSCH','Scheduler/Prereleaser Manager',
 'FNDSM_AQHERP','Service Manager: AQHERP',
 'FTE_TXN_MANAGER', 'Transportation Manager',
 'IEU_SH_CS','Session History Cleanup',
 'IEU_WL_CS', 'UWQ Worklist Items Release for Crashed session',
 'INVMGR','Inventory Manager',
 'INVTMRPM','INV Remote Procedure Manager',
 'OAMCOLMGR','OAM Metrics Collection Manager',
 'PASMGR','PA Streamline Manager',
 'PODAMGR','PO Document Approval Manager',
 'RCVOLTM', 'Receiving Transaction Manager',
 'STANDARD','Standard Manager',
 'WFALSNRSVC', 'Workflow Agent Listener Service',
 'WFMLRSVC','Workflow Mailer Service',
 'WFWSSVC','Workflow Document Web Services Service',
 'WMSTAMGR', 'WMS Task Archiving Manager',
 'SFM Application Monitoring Service',
 'XDP_CTRL_SVC','SFM Controller Service',
 'XDP_Q_EVENT_SVC','SFM Event Manager Queue Service',
 'XDP_Q_FA_SVC','SFM Fulfillment Actions Queue Service',
 'XDP_Q_FE_READY_SVC', 'SFM Fulfillment Element Ready Queue Service',
 'XDP_Q_IN_MSG_SVC', 'SFM Inbound Messages Queue Service',
 'XDP_Q_ORDER_SVC', 'SFM Order Queue Service',
 'XDP_Q_TIMER_SVC','SFM Timer Queue Service',
 'XDP_Q_WI_SVC','SFM Work Item Queue Service',
 'XDP_SMIT_SVC', 'SFM SM Interface Test Service')  "Concurrent Manager",
 Max_Processes  ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
 Running_Processes ,
From Apps.Fnd_Concurrent_Queues Fcq, Apps.Fnd_Application_Tl Fat
Where Fcq.Application_Id=Fat.Application_Id


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