Tuesday, August 19, 2014

API to create bank account in Oracle Account Payables

API to create bank account in Oracle AP

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r_ext_bank_acct_rec iby_ext_bankacct_pub.extbankacct_rec_type;
x_acct_id NUMBER;
l_party_id NUMBER;
v_account_exist NUMBER;
v_bank_party_id NUMBER;
v_branch_party_id NUMBER;
x_bank_branch_count NUMBER;
v_return_status_account VARCHAR2 (100);
x_msg_count NUMBER;
x_response_rec iby_fndcpt_common_pub.result_rec_type;
x_msg_data VARCHAR2 (2000);
x_error_message VARCHAR2 (2000);
--c_validate_vendor_site_rec is cursor type of cursor crated on site table

--Derive party id of supplier by passing vendor id or name

SELECT party_id
INTO l_party_id
FROM ap_suppliers
WHERE vendor_id = c_validate_vendor_site_rec.vendor_id;

--Derive bank party id and branch party id by passing branch number

SELECT COUNT (1), branch_party_id,bank_party_id
INTO x_bank_branch_count, v_branch_party_id,v_bank_party_id
FROM iby_ext_bank_branches_v
WHERE UPPER (branch_number) =UPPER(c_validate_vendor_site_rec.branch_number)
GROUP BY branch_party_id, bank_party_id;

-- Verify bank account already exists or not by passing bank account number

INTO v_account_exist
FROM iby_ext_bank_accounts
WHERE bank_id = v_bank_party_id
AND branch_id = v_branch_party_id
AND bank_account_num =c_validate_vendor_site_rec.bank_account_number;

/* Please pass information as per your requirement*/
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.bank_account_id := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.country_code :=c_validate_vendor_site_rec.country;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.branch_id :=v_branch_party_id;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.bank_id := v_bank_party_id;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.acct_owner_party_id :=l_party_id;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.bank_account_name :=p_bank_site;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.bank_account_num :=
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.currency :=c_validate_vendor_site_rec.payment_currency_code;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.iban := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.check_digits := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.multi_currency_allowed_flag := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.alternate_acct_name := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.short_acct_name := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.acct_type := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.acct_suffix := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.description := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.agency_location_code :=NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.foreign_payment_use_flag :=NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.exchange_rate_agreement_num := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.exchange_rate_agreement_type :=NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.exchange_rate := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.payment_factor_flag := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.status := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.end_date := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.start_date := SYSDATE;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.hedging_contract_reference := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute_category := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute1 :=c_validate_vendor_site_rec.attribute7;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute3 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute4 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute5 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute6 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute7 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute8 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute9 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute10 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute11 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute12 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute13 := NULL;
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.attribute14 := NULL;
x_error_message varchar2(2000);
r_ext_bank_acct_rec.object_version_number :=1.0;

(p_api_version => 1.0,
p_init_msg_list => fnd_api.g_false,
p_ext_bank_acct_rec => r_ext_bank_acct_rec,
x_acct_id => x_acct_id,
x_return_status => v_return_status_account,
x_msg_count => x_msg_count,
x_msg_data => x_msg_data,
x_response => x_response_rec
); /* For Bank Account Creation */


IF v_return_status_account <> 'S'
--print error message or use x_msg_data
x_error_message:=fnd_msg_pub.get_detail (x_msg_count, 'F' );
FOR i IN x_msg_count .. 1
fnd_msg_pub.delete_msg (i);
end if;


  1. i am not able to upload supplier bank details in oracle apps r12. i am getting "bank account info invalid" error message.

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