Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to enable 'About this Page' or diagnostics on OAF page or web page

How to enable 'About this Page' on OAF page, R12 page or HTML page in Oracle Applications

When you open any web page or OAF page on Oracle Applications, you will not be able to see 'About this page' at the bottom left hand side which will give details about that page.

See below- I have opened internet expenses page. You can not find 'About this Page' at bottom.

To see that tag you have enable fnd profile explicitely from system profile options of system administrator.
System Administrator --> Profile --> System
Enter User Name and select profile 'FND: Diagnostics'

Old profile value against user might be null or NO. See below-

Change it to 'Yes', Save and close.

Now try to open same web page or internet page or OAF page, you can see 'About this Page' at bottom left side of page.
See below:

Now you can see various information about this page by clicking on 'About this Page' link of page.

See below-


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